Online Trading as a Business Model - the defensive way!

Trading as a business

If you're going to develop a business model for your trading activities, you should also consider the technological risks you're going to expose yourself to - and develop counter measures to prepare for the worst...

Defensive measures

O.K., this information on defensive measures to ease disaster recovery is not about making changes to your hard- and software to make it more bullet proof. These measures are documented under "Online Trading Technology".

With your improved trading pc's, what's next?

What follows is stuff that you need to think about and implement, even if you didn't yet create a high availabiltiy Forex trading workstation:

Have fall-back methods to reach your Forex broker:

Have a fall-back Forex account in place

What good is a fall-back Forex account? Well, it really is your last line of defense, for those situations that you cannot reach your Forex broker, whatever you tried.
For this situation, a fall-back Forex account allows you to open opposite positions of those that you want to cover.
Of course, this is not a 100% fail-safe solution, i.e. you will never be able to hedge your complete risk. A fall-back Forex account will contain your risk to a fixed level, which is defined by both the time interval passed to the moment that you resort to this last line of defense - and by the current volatility of the market.
So, what is this insurance policy going to cost you? Basically what it takes to open and capitalize a Forex account. If trading the Forex market is your business, think about it. A fall-back account might save your day - and your bottom line!

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